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Our classes

We provide systematic training programs, while maintaining a fun and casual learning atmosphere, we designed our program to be flexible and adjustable according to each student’s playing style and capabilities, to ensure all our students have the best opportunities to discover and develop their potential and talent, while archiving their targets and goals at a good comfortable, reasonable pace.

Our training programs are developed base upon years of past knowledge and experience, as well as feedbacks provided by our students, including various badminton skills and techniques covering levels from total beginner level to advanced level, aiming not limiting to improve badminton knowledge, skills and techniques, but also strength and stamina, as well as building self-confidence and discipline.

Throughout the program we will assist our students to set goals and targets to work towards, whereby the development and performance are closely monitored and assessed by our coaches. With those who are ready and interested, we would introduce them to various badminton games and competitions, students of all level classes will actively take part in competitions as we believe competition exposure is a key fact in improvement, where they can experience their performance under competitive environment and atmosphere, which is hard to archieve through trainings alone.


Our intermediate class will start to introduce students to basic strategies and tactics apply in a badminton game. Students will also be able to improve overall endurance and fitness to cope with the increased physical demands in a competitive badminton game. Coaches will provide guidance for students to develop their unique playing style.


Our advanced class will introduce more in-depth strategies, at this stage, students will participle in more intensive trainings to improve on their endurance and every other essential aspects to the game such as strength and power, agility and reflexes.


Our beginners' class is customized for those who are totally new or have a mere taste of badminton and would like to experience and discover more, we will help students to develop and establish strong fundamentals in badminton. Students will understand and practice on the basics of badminton fundamental skills and footwork, focusing mainly on posture, ball senses and timing of the swing, etc.

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